Pets Add Life Performs Circus Dog Show

Pets Add Life is a group made up of wonderful volunteers who love their dogs and who love bringing smiles to seniors! The members in this group travel to different senior living communities and put on themed dog shows throughout the year. The Watermark at Trinity was very happy to welcome them back to the community as they performed a circus themed show! The program began by introducing all of the dogs as they circled the room. Residents and family members were greeted with wagging tails and wet kisses! Residents were laughing throughout the entire room. Next up, each dog performed some type of circus trick from jumping through hoops, performing magic tricks, dancing, and even playing the piano! At the end of the show, the audience was in love with every single dog and the talented group took one final lap around the ring. A big thank you to all of the amazing volunteers that comprise this group! The community truly enjoyed your visit and everyone is awaiting your next show!

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