TNT Rocks!

Watermark University classes are a great way to empower the team members at The Watermark at Trinity to truly get involved and share a passion or skill with our community. Alex, one of our associates who has the most Watermark University classes besides the Community Life team, has truly taken the idea of Watermark University to heart. He has been teaching “Art with Alex” monthly and it is consistently one of the highest attended classes! Last year, Alex suggested more than just an art class but a movement! It is called TNT Rocks! TNT is the abbreviation for our community and Painted Rocks is a popular movement in this area as well as across the country. Painted Rocks is about bringing joy to perfect strangers and boosting morale in communities. Various groups paint rocks with very simple designs to truly dynamic designs while others write uplifting messages on them. Once the rocks are dried, they are placed in public areas such as parks, parking lots, shopping centers, etc. The hope is that someone who needs a little cheering up, finds the rock and hopefully is able to pay it forward to someone else. Alex had over 25 participants in his April “Art with Alex” class and each river rock was as individual as the person painting it! In June, the residents will be going to a local park to “hide” our lovely rocks and hopefully share some happiness with our surrounding community! Thank you Alex for such a great project!

For more information, please visit our Facebook Page TNT Rocks! by clicking here.


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