Visitation Requirements

Watermark Retirement Communities COVID-19 Visitation Policy

XV. Procedure Applicable to All Visitation Related to COVID-19

a. The following procedure shall be followed absent state, federal or local regulations and/or guidance that applies. For example, if the community’s licensing agency provides written rules or guidance for indoor dining but does not speak to indoor visitation, the community shall follow the licensing agency’s rules or guidance with respect to indoor dining and follow the below with respect to indoor visitation.

b. All visitors will be screened, and temperature taken upon arrival per Watermark’s COVID-19 Community Entrance Screening policy (WRC-RM-P171).

c. The community will ensure the availability of a hand sanitizing station for use before and after the visit. All residents will sanitize their hands prior to building re-entry.

d. Residents and visitors are encouraged to choose to wear masks, or if required by licensing or department of health will be requested to wear masks.

e. Pets will be allowed per state and local guidelines and will follow the Visiting Pet policy WRC-RM-P159.

f. Surfaces in the visitation area will be sanitized according to Watermark’s Infection Control – Cleaning & Disinfecting policy (WRC-RM-P118) between visits. This includes seating, tabletops and any other surfaces likely to be touched during the visit.

g. Each community will determine numbers and duration of visitation based upon staffing and capacity. In general, unrestricted visitation should be allowed between 9 am and 9 pm, and can be extended case by case when the needs of the resident warrant.

h. Visitors declining to adhere to the infection prevention measures identified in this policy may be removed from and denied access to the community.


If you wish to file a complaint against a licensed health care facility regulated by the Agency for Health Care Administration, please contact us at 1-888-419-3456 / 800-955-8771 Florida Relay Service (TDD number) or use our <a href=””>Licensed Health Care Facility Complaint Form</a>.