Vow Renewal Ceremony and Reception

Love was in the air at The Watermark at Trinity on Valentine’s Day! The community celebrated the afternoon with a Las Vegas inspired Vow Renewal Ceremony and Reception. Every detail was planned out from beginning to end and some of the brides remarked that it was more amazing than their own wedding! Couples were given renewal invitations in January asking if they wanted to participate and twelve couples agreed to say “I do” again. The brides were treated to a rejuvenation session before they walked down the aisle. Their make-up was done by Gail McNulty, a Mary Kay consultant, and their hair was done by Lisa DeCamella, one of the community’s amazing volunteers!

Meanwhile, the final touches were being put on the event. The theme for the afternoon was “Lucky in Love” and it was everywhere from the chalkboard at the front entrance to the poker chips that were created as the wedding favor. Guests walked into a beautifully decorated room with tulle draped from the ceiling, signs that read “Love” and “Mr & Mrs” hanging from the ceiling, poker chips, playing cards, and bright colored hearts were hanging on every wall, and a white wedding runner covered in rose petals ran the length of the room. The aisle runner stopped at the fireplace right under the red, pink, and white balloon arch which was made by Brenda Parrish. The “Wedding March” song was played as the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl walked down the aisle followed by each bride being escorted to their seat by one of the Community Life team members. Elvis officiated the wedding and led the couples in renewing their vows. Elvis began and ended the ceremony by playing his guitar and singing a song. The guests were released into the Reception while all of the couples had their pictures taken by a professional photographer, Bella, from Photography by Bella Michele.

Once family pictures were finished, Christina, the Community Life Director, announced the entrance of each couple as residents and guests blew bubbles at them. Our Executive Chef Josh prepared three delicious appetizers fit for a wedding. The Las Vegas wedding cake topper for our couples was created by Sweet Caroline’s Bakery and the Valentine’s Day cupcakes were created by Sugardarlings Cupcakes. Christina led the crowd in a champagne toast congratulating all of the happy couples before Elvis really got the partying going! Elvis kept the crowd entertained all afternoon and everyone felt like they were in Las Vegas! During the whole afternoon, Barry Wong, from Fox 13 News spent time meeting with some of our residents and finding out their secret to a long, happy marriage. To view the video and read the full story produced by Barry Wong, please click here.

The Watermark at Trinity wants to thank everyone who participated in making the event such a success! We couldn’t have done it without so much help! It was a beautiful way to spend Valentine’s Day and a wonderful reason to celebrate. Thank you so much! Viva Las Vegas!

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