Watermark at Trinity Resident Attends Honor Flight

George is a resident at The Watermark at Trinity and had the wonderful opportunity to attend an Honor Flight at the end of September. Honor Flight of West Central Florida is one of over 130 hubs in the United States that focus on celebrating Veterans. Each hub coordinates the flight of Veterans to and from Washington D.C. Veterans are provided a guardian to accompany them on their journey. Each flight is unique in its own way, but every flight shares a common goal. The purpose of an Honor Flight is to celebrate all of our deserving military and give them the Welcome Home Party they never received. It is our duty to honor and show our extreme appreciation for their selfless actions and their unyielding determination to fight for our freedom.

George’s Guardian for the flight was his son, George Jr. They spent the day in Washington, D.C. visiting all of the memorials. On the way home, Honor Flight of West Central Florida surprised each Veteran with “Mail Call”. Each Veteran’s name was called out and they received a package of letters from loved ones, school children, and even elected officials. Our residents, team members, and even community volunteers submitted letters for George to open during “Mail Call” on the plane! When George landed back at the airport and thought the day was over, he quickly learned the party was just getting started. As he entered the terminal and made his way to the baggage claim, he was greeted by hundreds of people. Some were active duty military from MacDill AFB and some were retired military showing their support. There were members of DAV, Knights of Columbus, Boy Scout Troops, and numerous other groups wanting to welcome our military home. As George continued through the crowd he was greeted with some friendly faces, his neighbors from The Watermark at Trinity! Residents shook their signs as they cheered for George. He was met with hugs and kisses from both residents and team members from Watermark. Just when he thought he had seen everything, he walked in line to take his picture with the WWII Bomber Girls. Again, to his surprise, a friendly face, the Community Life Director, Christina was volunteering as a Bomber Girl that evening. George gave her a big hug and said it was a wonderful day. His son said “It was one of our best days together” and he was truly grateful for the memories! Since George returned to Watermark he has been sharing his story and thanking everyone for their support. In fact, his story encouraged another Veterans to go on the Honor Flight which will be on Tuesday, October 24th. Everyone is encouraged to attend the Welcome Home Party at approximately 8:30pm at the St. Pete/Clearwater Airport.

For more information about the Honor Flight of West Central Florida, please click here. Veterans may apply for the adventure to Washington, D.C., an Honor Flight at Home Celebration, or share the page with a family member that wishes to become a Guardian. A big thank you to Honor Flight of West Central Florida as well as to the Bomber Girls! Thank you for what you do everyday to appreciate the men and women who served our country!

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